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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts on what has happened so far.

A little over a month ago I started this personal challenge and with in this month and odd days. Something has changed. When I started watching all these B-Films I was harsh, abrasive and did not see the beauty that each has. Granted not all of them have that indistinguishable beauty take Kung Fu Mummy for example. But most are not as bad as people make them out to be. Hell, I am enjoying movies that are often given crap reviews.

All because I found something that I might have missed prior to this challenge. That is the heart of cinema. The further and further I go into this. The more I am feeling in touch with these movies. It is one thing to be a critic and it is another to be film connoisseur as I am quickly becoming. I do not see this as a challenge anymore. But a hobby that I can be paid for. What was once just why am I doing this. Has vastly become I will do this and possibly keep on doing it past the 365 and just turn this into a movie review day.

With hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands of movies released each year. This movie blog can live on for as long as I can write, watch and enjoy films. So who knows how long I will keep this up or what it will become. What I can say though is I am having fun and enjoying writing and reviewing movies. So hears to hoping that this personal challenge to myself pays off.

Michelle a.k.a The B-Flick Chick

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