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Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie Review # 49 The Gunfighter's Pledge (2008)

Release: 2008
Director: Armand Mastroianni
Writer: Jim Byrnes
Luke Perry
C. Thomas Howell
Kim Coates

Rotten Tomatoes: 17% Audience
IMDb: 5.4/10
Netflix: 3.2 Stars

The Gunfighter's Pledge or as it is found most often The Pledge. Is a made for TV Western for the Hallmark Channel. But unlike most made for TV movies this one surprised me by not being totally worthless and showed that on occasion no matter the cookie cutter movie. That they can have a heart and soul even it is barely registrable which this film is.

For what this movie is worth. The acting wasn't bad and had enough cheese on it make you smile. The writing could have come from a country song. Sheriff loses his family, set's out for revenge. Accidently kills a man looking for help and returns the body to the ranch. Then decides to stay and falls in love. Yep that sounds like a country song or at the very least a daytime serial for a made for TV movie which this. I honestly can not complain about this at all.

It was not entirely entertaining and the end of the movie is a huge let down. But that is just how TV movies go. Well I need say that is how westerns go as they usually either have a giant climatic scene or they choose to wimp out. Then one wimped out and fizzled. Not enough though for fans of westerns to skip. Which I am and with the lack of real westerns coming to the big screen finding even a half way decent one like this is a God send.

Now my only wish is that more westerns where made. I just do not see it happening and as such when I get to whet my appetite on films like these. I should and shall and never hope for the best. At least everything was shot properly and they had a wonderful set. So all in all it is just decent and fun. Long live those cowboys of the wild wild west.

My Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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