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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Movie Review # 52 The Comic Book Diaries (2006)

Release: 2006
Director: Clif Campbell
Clif Campbell
Marty Ketola
Clif Campbell
J.J. Baker
William A. Bazell

Rotten Tomatoes: 0% Audience
IMDb: 5.1/10
Netflix: 1.5 Stars

It is hard for me to review movies like this one. I say that because this movie is not really a movie. But more of a group of guys who shot a film for themselves over several weekends and it somehow got out. It is honestly the kind of movie that you have a showing at a local tavern and it is seen once and never again. Where all you friends pat you on the back and say "Hey great job! Hope this takes you somewhere."

Well I can proudly say this movie found a place on Netflix Streaming and I can honestly say I wish it hadn't. I am not wanting to be overly harsh. It is just that this movie is terrible. The entire plot or lack there of is about a pair of comic book shop owners who have a struggling business. That hate's Magic the Gathering and a dysfunctional ex-employee who likes to moon and piss on the front of the store. That is not story even at the end when the failed comic book artist comes in and ultimately dies in the store.

Brings nothing to the table. I know that Marty Ketola and Clif Campbell tried their best. But is strongly apparent that neither of them know what good set up or lines are. With 90% of the humor being the lowest bit of humor out there. With lines "Do you need to change you diaper?" or even over stated fart jokes where they act terribly and say that they can taste it. I know a certain part of the populace will enjoy this. I do on occasion when it deserves it.

Sadly these scenes are so out of place and forced that they lose what little comedic value they have. Yet as a whole this movie is just fair and soul less. Despite that it can find a  home in a certain sect of society and that is  the comic book fan-boys. Who live and breathe comics to the fullest. Even then they might find more discomfort in this movie than any like able aspect.

As it drills home how mundane, boring and hopeless it is to run a comic book store. That and just how bad life is when you have to film what is typical day in the life of losers as most of the world see's them. I just do not I see my people suffering and as such I wish I could just put this movie to rest and not complain about it as the fan-boys failed in their attempt at proper cinema.

My Rating: 1.25/5 Stars

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