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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movie Review # 41 The Cutter (2005)

Release: 2005
Director: William Tannen
Writer: Bruce Haskett
Chuck Norris
Joanna Pacula
Daniel Bernhardt

Rotten Tomatoes: 37% Audience
IMDb: 5.0/10 Stars
Netflix: 3.1 Stars

If there is one man who transcends through all of pop culture it is Chuck Norris. Despite his popularity the man can not act or make movies and this movie is a prime example. The Cutter takes place in Spokane, Washington and deals with a Auschwitz survivor who happens to be a exemplary jewel cutter. Who has been kidnapped (if you can say that about an 80 year old man?) to cut stolen gems from a mummy's tomb.

Yea this sounds stupid and lets toss in that the people holding the cutter captive are Neo-Nazi's and you have a trifecta  of total crap upon crap. All of which is made even more unbearable with bad writing, acting and horrid transitions between shots. Often with nauseating effects like speed up time shifts of a flying scene that start and stop abruptly. Which serve no purpose other than show off the industrial district's of Spokane, Washington. I swear this movie was shot by a teenage male who thought that showcasing Chuck Norris would make him popular.

Honestly it didn't and all this did is show the ineptitude of the director. As there are glaring holes and here are a few examples. Headlights and grill in a fan get shot up and the next scene they are mint again. The main villain gets shot in the chest and then the bullet hole isn't there. Only show back up again as an ink stain. Yep way to go special effects team and director. You guys shot for the lowest bar on the film continuity scale and somehow whiffed on a bar the size of Texas.

But you did and I had to watch it. Which I wish I had not. But it is Chuck Norris and I am supposed to love it. So that is my only excuse for the high rating on as fans of the Chuck thought he was amazing and awesome! Guess what folks he is an aging actor who was nothing more than a B-Film action star. Who only became popular in pop culture through a commercial and a horrible TV series. Which this movie reminded me of.

Yea this was a 90 minute excuse to revive Walker Texas Ranger and it still sucked!  But no matter what I say the Die Hards for Chuck will still stay true to him and give this pile of crap a glowing review. Which I can not. I much rather smother my face in steaming pile of dog shit than sit through this again.

My Rating: 1/5 Stars

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