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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Movie Review # 45 Art School Confidential (2006)

Release: 2006
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Writer: Daniel Clowes
Max Minghella
John Malkovich
Jim Broadbent
Sophia Myles
Joel Moore

Rotten Tomaotes: 36% Critics 48% Audience
IMDb: 6.3/10
Netflix: 3 Stars

If there was a movie that every art student should see. It would be this movie. As a art student myself and one much like one of the side characters of the movie has dropped out several times. It makes this movie a little more real and a little more personal. Which to some in the reviewing community will come as a kick in the pants. As this movie squarely puts those who have made it in the cross hairs.

Or in many movie reviewers case they are failed directors, actors and writers. So the only way for them to make a name for themselves is be a bigoted ego driven douche-bag. Well I would say that about a lot of them but not all of them. Now back to the movie it centers around a young starving artist named Jerome. Who has great talent but lacks the it factor for his work to get noticed. Much the same as Picasso, Van Gogh and to some greater extent Daly.

Each of whom became something bigger near or at death. Jerome did not want to be this way and sought out ways to make himself more known. Only to be squashed by a artist whose minimalist paintings screamed inner child. Which drove a wedge not only into the heart of Jerome but between him and woman of his dreams. Who happens to be the only reason he came to Stratford College. This right here is a prime movie magic as the movie Rushmore took this and ran with it.

But this is not Rushmore as this movie has a dark side side if I must say. That being the Stratford Strangler. Who Jerome had never heard of and one of his dorm mates is infatuated with.  This plot twist alone is what made this movie brilliant and altogether extremely sad. I want to say what this twist is but it would ruin the movie. Sadly though if watch it you will see the twist coming as it is not hidden at all and that is fine.

Anyone who watches films will see the plot twist. Which is all fine and dandy as the rest of the movie carries this one little fall. Like the actors who are well known if not by name by voice, face or in some cases just one movie like Bardo who is played by Joel Moore who played Norm Spellman in Avatar to Jim Broadbent who plays Proffesor Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter.

The biggest name would fall to John Malkovich. Whom is one of this generations greatest actors and usually does only good films which this one is. Sadly the reviews on this do not generally agree with my assessment. Which I found odd. Except for the fact that I stated earlier. That this movie puts critics, hacks and failures squarely in the cross-hairs. Then never let's go and that might be one reason this movie gets the wrath of the critics and the love of the art community.

Either which way I am neither a critic or a art student anymore. I am just a purveyor of good music, movies and art. I hold no bounds on what makes art, music or movies. I enjoy it all as it is all art and if you have that kind of passion. Then you might find this movie as enjoyable if not more so. If you do not then you might be out of luck as this movie is not one that you will find a grey line with. It is just simply black or white.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

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