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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Movie Review # 34 Hunter Prey (2010)

Release: 2010
Director: Sandy Collora

Netflix: 2.7 Stars

Hunter Prey is a interesting movie as takes parts from Star Wars, Halo and the movie Enemy Mine. Then brings them all together in a interesting way just not the cleanest way though. As parts of this movie mostly in audio direction is muffled and at times makes you scream for Cortana and Master Chief as you hear the banter back and forth between Centauri 7 and Clea the ships computer.

So what did they steal from the other movies? Well desert planet with bones scattered about with little water and no residents. That is a card out of Star Wars as the sets and location look similar in nature to Tatooine from Star Wars and for Enemy Mine? All I will say is the end of the movie screams it if you have ever seen it but not in your typical way. As before they got this portion of the film it was more like Star Trek when James Kirk fought the Gorn. In the classic TV series.

Again another blatant rip off and even with these. I can honestly this movie was not bad at all. Especially for the budget which was under $500k for the entire film. Which says a lot about the make up department who made the alien models in this movie. They where amazing with fully articulated faces and expressions. It was honestly refreshing to not have to look at CGI aliens through the film but make up and old school movie magic.

It was because of this care this movie brought out a certain bit of reality. Sadly though the story took way to long to build up and that is movies biggest draw back. As you feel like your watching a group of men playing Halo in the Desert for the first 30 to 40 minutes of the film. Once all that boyhood commando bravado is shelled out the movie moves more into a action survival and character building movie. 

Which is where this movie was at its best as the two leads. Both of whom have different agendas and priorities learn from each other and ultimately come to understand one another. Sorta like how Riddick did with Jack in Pitch Black. Wait another movie reference? Wow! So yea this movie took from that one as well. No wonder I enjoyed this movie the way I did. But this one is the biggest stretch but still a close enough movie reference that once you see the film you will understand.

All in all this is not a great movie but what it is. Is just a good movie that showed great times are ahead for this director and writers. It is just a honest stepping stone and one I that I honestly can not wait to see for all that are involved in this movie.

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

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