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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Movie Review # 91 Vampegeddon (2010)

Director: Jeffery Alan Miller
Writer: David C. Hayes
Cast: Shane Dean, Katherine Von Forelle, Jacqueline Smith, Sugar Cox

Rotten Tomatoes: N/A
IMDb: 1.5/10
Netflix: 1.8 Stars

There are B-Films then there are B-FILMS!!! This is the second of the two as it is just a group of friends who wrote, directed and starred in their own movie that made it out to the general masses. It is over the top, silly and absolutely corny. But I loved it as it is so bad it is amazing and deserves a mention with the worst of the worst of all time. Especially seeing as this movie as 1.5/10 rating on IMDb (Current as of day of the review).

That just shows how awful this teen goth vampire comedy is. Now I could focus on what made this movie awful which is almost everything. But there would be no point because of what made this movie what is, is just how bad the movie is. So let's focus on what is done right and the goofs that show up. First up will be the goofs starting with 1890's Arizona. What is wrong here? Well how about modern concrete and a cyclone fence and a handicap ramp.

Second would be continuity of a bottle of vodka. That goes from being full to empty to half full back to empty back to full. In one drawn out scene taking place in the back of a Chevy SUV. Other's include seeing the camera lighting, seeing the actors reading cue cards and a wooden stake that get's sent into the hearts of vampires that never gets messy.

On the flip side of all this calamity is some of the best music in a movie I have ever heard. That being the Metal/Progressive Rock band Corvus. Which not only rocks it literally kept me watching the movie as I had to hear their next song on the movies track. Which is often and frequent and this could be looked as a coming out party for the band especially now that Vampegeddon is out on Netflix where the general masses can hear their music.

If anything comes from this horrible movie it is this. That Corvus get's signed and noticed as they have a Top 100 sound and a Progressive and aggressive beat that is catchy and makes you listen. That is comparable to Linkin Park and Korn. Outside of that you watch Vampegeddon for no reason than to torture your soul and abuse you views of vampires. Which no one person should do ever!

My Rating: 0/5 Stars (Side rating for bad films 3/5 I loved how bad this film is)

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