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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Review # 57 Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer (2010)

Release: 2010
Director: Andrew Lauer
Writer: Jamie Nash
Lea Thompson
Amy Pietz
Wendie Malick

Rotten Tomatoes: 8% Audience
IMDb: 3.2/10 Stars
Netflix: 2.9 Stars

Silly, comical, cute and pop culture are all references that suit this film. But so do these ugly, childish, simple and Goosebumps. So what does a movie that has so many adjectives that are polar opposites hold? Well the best way to put it is this. If you have children or you still have a inner child at hand, love trade able card games or Dungeon and Dragons. Then you will love this movie.

If  you are the opposite of those steer clear as this movie most likely will have nothing for you at all. So on to the rest of the review for Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer. This movie is loosely based on popular games of  our times those being Dungeon and Dragon's and Magic: The Gathering or maybe Yu-Gi-Oh. As the kids in the opening are living out their card game Elixir Master.

By exploring the sewers in and around the local Middle School. So as the story continues Arthur who is the main protagonist meets up with a troll named Tim who they also call Bart at times. Who happens to be a character from the game Elixirs Master. Which sparks the kids interest slightly at first but more so once he starts making potions and elixirs in Arthur's bedroom.

So they set out to find the creator of Elixir Master who happens to be at a local Comic-con/ Game Expo. Yes I know by know this is a paint by numbers children's film and I am fine with it honestly. So just to wrap this up the evil step mother is the flunky for the school principal who is a evil witch who is working on bringing back the worlds most evil and vile dragon ever. Whose name I will not divulge as it is simply to stupid to and makes for the silly factor that this movie offers.

In short Arthur defeats the evil dragon and the troll is freed and all is happily ever after. All of which could have been done in a 30 minute episode of Goosebumps. Which honestly this movie played out like. As a teenager I read the Goosebump's books and watched the tv series. So this movie held a little of that nostalgia factor just not enough for me to ever watch again. Unless I am sitting down with a group of kids and even then I will more than likely be reading a book or playing a game on my DS.

As this movie really has no appeal after one viewing to most adults. To children I can see this becoming a movie that they would would want to watch again. Especially those children that are into fantasy games, books and movies. As this movie fills that void for a good clean children fantasy film. So in conclusion this a good film to watch with kids or if you enjoy seeing family friend fantasy movies or just a fan of Goosebumps.
If you are not it best to skip over this movie as this is clearly not made for you.

My Rating 2.25/5 Stars

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