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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Movie Review # 37 The Dogfather (2010)

Release: 2010
Director: Richard Boddington
Michael Hamilton-Wright
Russell Scalise
Chris Parnell
William Cuddy
Brandy Ward

Rotten Tomatoes: 33% Audience
IMDb: 2.9/10
Netflix: 2.9 Stars

Children film are often not enjoyable for the masses of parents. Thankfully that can not be said of the Dogfather. It is still sugary sweet, outlandish and often times silly in a Rocky and Bullwinkle or Wily Coyote and Road Runner way. But not to the point of groin inducing why am I watching this kind of way. It does get close but these scenes are short sweet and there for the children.

Which is what this film is written for. As an Aunt and someone who never let go of their inner child this movie can have a place many parents dvd shelves as its fun and silly. The story is something straight out of a child's mind. A family of Don's has just added in a new Don and in the process of taking his acceptance speech his dog Sunny eats his prized ring. Which causes him to go a little crazy and call for his two incompetent goons to retrieve the ring.

This is where the story really kicks off as Sunny escapes and becomes a member of a new family. All the while the goons are still searching for the dog and ultimately the ring. Which is where most of the comedy comes in. As I can hear Boris saying "Look Moose and Squirrel." followed by Natasha "Yes darling." As the the goons chase after Sunny all the while getting beat up as if they are Wily Coyote. It is painfully sugary and goofy. I enjoyed it some adults will not though.

The rest of the story though is Sunny becoming part of the new family and how the patriarch can not stand the dog. Just like Beethoven which this movie leans on heavily when it comes to the family dog scenes and comedic learnings. Which is fine I just wish this movie had more originality than it did. The end is extremely stupid and annoying. But the end credits are worth viewing once you make it there. Because the movie rips itself and that was worth the 90 minutes alone.

As for the acting it was decent to good. Often times you feel you are watching a Saturday afternoon serial with how hammy and cheesy the acting are. At the same time it will not make you turn it off as it is palatable and enjoyable for children. I can not emphasize that enough that this film is written for children and not adults. As such this movie has gotten horrible reviews. All because adults can not hide their adult blanket and pull out their children's blanket and enjoy what is a good family movie.

Even people have ragged on Chris Parnell of 30 Rock fame for being in this. Honestly leave the man alone. This movie is for his children and gives them something to enjoy that has daddy in it. Since most of his films are for adults or at the very least late teens. This is a good branching point for his kids to enjoy their father the actor. So all in all this is just a simple, fun and enjoyable movie. Nothing amazing or great and definitively a B-Film straight to dvd goofest. But it is enjoyable and like able.

If you have kids you can do far worse and if your a kid at heart. Give this film a shot and it might surprise you and take a spot in your heart as it did mine.

Rating 3/5

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