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Friday, April 8, 2011

Movie Review # 39 Super Capers (2009)

Release: 2009
Director: Ray Griggs
Writer: Ray Griggs
Ray Griggs
Justin Whalin
Danielle Harris
Tommy "Tiny" Lister

Rotten Tomatoes: 0% Critics 26% Audience
IMDb: 3.7/10
Netflix: 2.6 Stars

Oh the Super Hero movie. Oh how I love thee! Sadly this is one that should not be loved except by bad movie fans and direct rip off/spoof fanatics as it heavily leans on Batman, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Mystery Men and a little bit of bad courtroom movies. Yep this movie is a complete mess as a satire and as an action comedy. Despite all these flaws it can be enjoyed it can be watched.

It is just not one I can honestly say I can watch again. So here is the story of Ed Gruberman who has lost his family and is love with the Dark Winged Vesper (Batman clone) and how he decides one night to stop a lowly crook from assaulting a woman. Only to find out that she has super powers as she stops the crook and all he does is hit the poor guy with a 2x4 sending him through a window. That makes you think that he has super strength when he has nothing. Yep talk about mis-information as that poor sap is shot across the street though an alley into a crooked lawyers window.

So that leads to what the real story. Him learning to become a Super Hero with a group of misfits. That remind me of Mystery Men but with real powers. Yep lovely so that is the basis of the movie and it is as paper thing as rice paper and just as fragile. As you see everything coming and nothing is off limits. As weapons, set pieces and even lines are ripped from A-Class films like Star Wars, Batman, Back to the Future and Mystery Men. All the while you groan as these blatant rip offs keep getting puked out of the actors mouths.

Which to me was nauseating but there is a glimmer here. The acting at least was somewhat believable and that is the single highlight of the movie that and the music. The set designs, the costumes and everything else just screams B-FILM!!!! Which this movie definitively is and one that falls in the middle of B-Film fair. Not good not awful but worth one viewing just to say you watched it.

My Rating 1.75/5 Stars

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