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Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Review # 60 Highball (1997

Release: 1997
Director: Noah Baumbach
 Noah Baumbach
Carlos Jacott
Christopher Reed

Justine Bateman
Peter Bogdanovich

Rotten Tomatoes: 67% Audience
Has a second listing on Rotten Tomatoes: 57% Audience
IMDb: 6.2/10 Stars
Netflix: 2.5 Stars

There are movies that people just hate and it's for no good reason other than they just hate them. Well Highball is a movie I just hate. It is not because of bad acting, cheesy lines or simple plots. It just that I felt like a fly on a wall watching a group of people party. Who had nothing to say and where as boring as a white piece of paper. I know some might find this movie enjoyable, funny and love able. I just am not one of those people. So be warned this review will be short and harsh.

You made it past the warning sentence and you dearly want to know why I have such a disgust for a art film like this? Let me just put it simply. I do not enjoy movies that puts the audience in a fixed position where it is clearly shot with one camera at all times with no dynamic angles or even good editing. It is as if I am a transfixed fly on a wall that can't get away from bad dialogue and even worse bad characters.

At no point in this movie did I feel part of it or did I ever want to. The people are all whiny brats. Especially the two leads who are so self inclusive and in need of social acceptance. That they through parties so that people will like them. Seriously that is all this movie is. Three set pieces one being a birthday party, second a Halloween Party and thirdly a New Years Party.That all play out the same and have the same jokes.

It as if the writers chose to copy and paste their script through out. So I just damn them for that. Even with the damning I know the history of this movie. Which was shot over six days on a tiny budget. Which still does not excuse the bad writing. As many Youtubers out there can produce amazing movies that are engaging and entertaining in that same amount of time. Which somehow this one fails at least in my eyes.

Even then I question the fools that love this movie or even like it. Do you all have that particular gene in your system that makes you want to be a fly on a wall? That you must eavesdrop on a hapless soul and get enjoyment out of how pathetic they are? Is that why you like this movie? Because if that is who you are as a person I fear for you children as they will grow up to be snotty little shits. Sorta like how the people in this movie all seem to be.

Damn! I am just calling it. If you are fan of fly on the wall movie making and have no life. Then feel free to enjoy this movie. If you are someone who wants characters to have more than cookie cutter persona's and blank white sheet of paper lines. Then just skip this movie completely and enjoy a good episode of the Office or Two and Half Men instead.

My Rating: .25/5 Stars

Trailer is available on click the link to see it.

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