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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movie Review # 93 Raiders of the Damned (2007)

Release: 2007
Director: Milko Davis
Writer: Mike Ezell
Cast: Richard Grieco, Laura Zoe Quist, Gary Sirchia

Rotten Tomatoes: 15% Audience
IMDb: 2.4/10
Netflix: 1.8 Stars

There are movies that deserve a special place in Hell and then there are those that Hell is spit out. This one is one Hell spat back at as. Which only means one thing this movie is horrible. From start to finish you are wishing for your eyes to be eaten and your brains to be scooped. All because this movie is insulting to the viewer on all levels. From audio production, to music to the worst of the worst special effects.

It just has no value. Unlike some horrible B movies that make you laugh at how horrible they are. This one does not as it just keeps piling on the crap. Then says here is a little turd whip ganache for your troubles. It doesn't help but at least they cared to make a frilly turd for you. Despite that little gesture this is just a horrible film. One that I hated to watch and even more to finish.

So what makes it so bad? I gave a brief already and I won't go further. Instead I will just no focus on the negative at all. Instead I will try and find a positive to the movie. Er well I can not. So back to the negative and lets just focus on the story it is a post apocalyptic world. Where zombies control most of the planet and a select few scientists can save all of humanity. When their helicopter goes down when the are dropping acid on the zombies. Which causes the second in charge to form a team of misfits and send them out to bring back the scientists.

There's your movie and now you do not have to watch it. As it is as paper thin as it looks and has no replay, first play or rights to be on film or on a hard drive anywhere. This is just a waste of space time and energy. I know people will be misguided by a great cover art and think cool zombies and post world war go great together. But in this movie they soil your hopes and kill your dreams.

So it is best to avoid this if possible and wait for a real movie to come forth. Instead of wasting your time with this horrible attempt at film-making .

My Rating: Negative -3 out of 5 Stars

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