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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Review # 114 Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009)

Release: 2009
Director: John Krasinski
Writer(s): John Kransinski, David Foster Wallace
Cast: John Kransinski, Timothy Hutton

Rotten Tomatoes: 40% Critics 32% Audience
IMDb: 5.6/10
Netflix: 2.8 Stars

Today marked a monumental moment in my reviewing career. I saw my first IFC feature film and I was greatly impressed. Not only was "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" charming and entertaining. It was eye opening and heartfelt as it opened up love and all the fallacies both men and women face in finding Mr. Right and Ms. Right.

It is this carnal nature that drives this movie. As it strips away all that is decent and sweet and shows the lowest nature of humanity. It is this kind of raw power that makes me smile as I saw classic stereotypes played out in a wonderful fashion. As these men gave up their shields and stood emotionally naked in front of the camera and told their stories. But this was no documentary this was a full fledged movie based on the wonderful book by the late David Foster Wallace (1962-2008).

The book and movie deals with a woman who wants to see how the feminist movement affected men and how it changed them. With this in place we see how these men feel and how life around them is altered as they each have chinks in their armor. One has issues with commitment, another chooses never to wear white, another is all about pleasing the woman and getting nothing in return. Plus a myriad of other's that are just as memorable as these men.

While all of this going on there is the other story of Sara Quinn who is trying to come to terms with her ex-boyfriends cheating and finding out why men things do things like that. Her struggles and her scientific approach to not only her problem but figuring out men is the central catalyst of the film. As each goes hand in hand in a magical and very entertaining way. I would also venture to say in a very en-lighting manor as well.

As I learned things not only about myself but a little more about men. As I know men who are just like the ones in this film. With this new knowledge I do hope I can help some of my friends or at the very least sit them down to watch this movie. So that they can learn a small bit about themselves as this is not just a smart comedy it is a teaching tool for the hapless distraught and lost.

Yet there are some problems with the movie. Most notably are the some of the actors in the interviews. Some are completely believable and others are just hideous and are noticeably acting or trying to. Thankfully it is not enough to ruin this movie. Especially with the cast of TV actors and mid-range stars in this movie. Here is a list of who either make cameos or main stays through out this movie.

Timothy Hutton, Will Arnett, Will Forte, John Kransinski, and Christopher Meloni. There are others as well that I recognized and acknowledge but these are the main ones people will know. Be it from the Office (Kransinski), Law and Order: SVU (Meloni) or Leverage (Hutton). While Forte and Arnett are now household names due to their comedic prowess. With a cast like this and a beautiful and heart touching movie like this one is.

You can not go wrong at all. I am proud to state that if all IFC films are anywhere close to this one. I am will have a heyday in watching them. Unlike SyFy whose films are just plain horrible. This one at least is surely memorable and one I plan on watching again. Much kudos goes out to John Kransinski for directing this movie and adapting the book into a movie.

You have proved to me that you are more than just a wonderful actor. But a true talent that has a extremely high ceiling. So thank you for a great movie and enjoyable experience.

My Rating 4 out of 5 Stars


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