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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Movie Review # 121 Gunfighter (1999)

Release: 1999
Director: Chistopher Coppola
Writer: Christopher Coppola
Cast: Martin Sheen, Robert Carradine

Rotten Tomatoes: Found with 0 ratings and reviews 
IMDb: 3.7/10
Netflix: 2.4 Stars

Family lineage is part of Hollywood. With some better than others take the Van Dyke family Dick and Jerry are amazing while Shane needs to be hung out for the crows to peck on. Then there is the Coppola family that has Sofia, Nicholas Cage and Francis Ford-Coppola. Then you have Christopher Coppola who has had the luxury of being in this blog once before for a horrible movie called "Deadfall" which much like this one was written and directed by him.

In all honesty I figured in six years he could have honed his craft and delivered a great movie. Especially when Martin Sheen and Robert Carradine are featured stars in the movie. That judgement of hope was not only extremely off it was down right wrong. As all the faults of "Deadfall" are present in this movie and are at times exceedingly worse. As the audio drops out in several scenes and you literally have to scramble for the remote to turn it up to hear it.

As well as scenes that are shot out of focus and one scene that was so badly shot I thought a child was shooting the movie. It happens around a campfire and the Patriarch of the ranch is talking and all you see is his chest and no head. It is moments like this that make me scream and so many others as well. As it shows that talent is not inherited but born into the person. Which is sad with his family lineage and everyone in that has succeeded in movies.

All the while Christopher tries and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. He just is not good at it at all. As this movie falls into the cliche filled realm of bad Westerns with Hopalong Cassidy as the lead character of a convoluted script about magical gloves. That bring luck and fame to who ever wears them. It is this kind of story telling that makes even purist groan in agony as not only have you soiled westerns you drug a icon a classic through the mud and soiled his name.

For which there is no return. All the while this movies actors some of the worst on record. It honestly makes you not care at all. With each passing moment of these actors stumbling over their lines you just start a parody line and you start to enjoy what is just a horrible film. Which makes it enjoyable only for the agony factor of how bad it is. At the same time it is wonderful as a piece for friends to drink to and laugh at on a bad movie night.

It is where this movie will end up for me. As a set piece in my crapfest movie nights for friends. My once a month night where we watch two to five films and drink. So this movie has one distinguish-en  it is the first Western ever to land in this spot. So thank you Christopher for giving me a wonderful piece to tear apart with friends.

My Rating: .5 Stars out 5

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