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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Movie Review # 113 Kill the Scream Queen (2004)

Director: Bill Zebub 
Writer: Bill Zebub
Cast: Bill Zebub

Rotten Tomatoes: 38% Audience
IMDb: 1.7/10
Netflix: 2 Stars

*Warning!! Foul language!!! Warning!!*

I want to open with this statement. I found the 10th level of Hell today and it's called "Kill the Scream Queen".  This film is a sadistic porn, snuff film that makes all other shit films seem like Masterpieces." Now on to the fucking review. Yeah a review of a movie that isn't a movie. Fucking wonderful it is like saying that a dog turd is a tootsie roll you just can't do that. Nor can I honestly review a movie that isn't a fucking movie.

All it is a series of vignettes that shows a serial killer killing and torturing his victims. That he calls talent less whores that should be nothing but body doubles in movies. All the while he keeps up adds around town so that more unsuspecting girls find their way into his clutches to die. Yea great fucking story arc fucktard. I am so pissed I watched this right now. Honestly beyond pissed as it ruined a great morning by its fucking taint. Seriously folks I can not say how much I detested this fucking pile of crap.  

As words fail me at the moment let's just continue. The film is shot with multiple cameras and is supposed to be focused on the gritty handheld nature of snuff films. That shows how dirty and scary horror can be. As it uses death and torture as a device to install fear into the viewers and into the victims. This movie did neither of those. Instead is chose to stick to the fucking nature of a bad porno. As the killer had to get his dick wet with every girl and constantly finger bang each one then taste his fucking fingers.

Oh fucking joy! I am watching a cheap BDSM porno with horrible acting and no fucking plot yet again! I do not even enjoy this kind of shit in the fucking bedroom or on my tv. Yet here I am watching a fucking film for my review blog. That I fucking finished because I can not let a movie beat me. Yea this challenge to myself about never walking out of a movie is killing me so very slowly. So fucking slowly! This one just helped me into my coffin a little sooner.

As i felt physically ill after watching it. No not because the movie made me sick. Because I was scrunched over into a ball telling myself. "I must finish this movie! I know it sucks and it is horrible!" I can not let the movie win!" So when you put yourself into the state of fuck my life mode like I did. You will end up in the same boat I did and it is not a pretty picture to the say the least.

All the same this movie will do this to most of the viewing public. Then there are the sicko's and torture and bondage nuts. That will get instant wood and sopping wet panties from this movie. Thankfully those people are just touched enough in the head to go this is amazing and keep this movie from hitting the lowest of low levels on IMDb. Because they will hit this movie up as a 10/10 on the meter and then there are people like me who go 1/10 and wishing for a negative counter on the rating meter.

Which for me there is not. So fucking sad! Yea real fucking sad! Now if you are in the market for a horrible fuck film that loves to torture and are into bad acting, music and audio work. This movie is up your fucking alley and you can watch and enjoy it all you fucking want. But I am done with this and done with this review. I am so over this as I go and kill Guardians in Rift: Planes of Telara I so need this right now. Just ya have a nice day folks and fuck this God damn movie!

Rating: NEGATIVE INFINITE out of 5 (Yes that is number 2 on this list of negative infinite! The other being Skeleton Key 2)

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