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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movie Review # 101 The Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)

Release: 2005
Director: Bruce Campbell
Writer(s): Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, David M. Goodwin
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi

Rotten Tomatoes: 33% Critics, 43% Audience
IMDb: 5.5/10
Netflix: 3 Stars

Most people who are into B-Film horror know the illustrious Bruce Campbell as well as Ted Raimi even if they do not know his name but just by looks alone. Both of these men have been friends and filming movies together for years and have some of the most memorable roles in the history of movies and TV. But how well do they work together in a movie they both starred in and wrote together?

That was my question as I started The Man with the Screaming Brain it is the most cliched and silly named movie I have reviewed recently. Yet it could not be one of the better! As it is a smorgasbord of thick rich cheesy goodness. It is a typical Bruce Campbell movie. Complete with over the top acting, general goofiness and outragous moments of silliness. That earmarks all of his movies.

But it is not one of his best films. Those would be Evil Dead, My Name is Bruce and Army of Darkness. But even then there are others that could easily slide into these spots. So I will just stick with these three. So what makes this one not as memorable as the other of Bruce's movies? Well honestly it is just the story. As it never gives into what makes Bruce Campbell Bruce.

Which is funny as he wrote the movie and I think he wanted to pull away from his normal roles. Of the crazed, pompous, or just plain jerk roles. Which he does to a point his character William Cole is still an asshole. But he is a cliched rich snob asshole. Unlike most of his other roles where they are fighting for their lives, have nothing or just running scared and put into bad situations. This one has everything and then has nothing as he has his brain sliced with a EX-KGB agent.

After saying that here is the basic story set up. Rich multi-millionaire goes to Bulgaria to diversify his business and open a subway tunnel. Only to be murdered and brought back to life Frankenstein style but with only half his brain and the other half is of his Taxi Driver. Who is a KGB agent who was sleeping with his wife. Who happens to catch William making out with the KGB agents ex-fiance who goes on a killing spree. Killing both William, Yegor (KGB), and Jackie (William's wife).

Only for Tatoya (Yegor's Ex) to ultimately die and become the new body for Jackie.  Even after saying all that the story gives away these plot points. As it is just plain and simple to make this assessment which I am honestly giving away nothing. Now despite this play on Frankenstein it is a great movie and a wonderful modern adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic. It also says a lot about Bruce Campbell as a writer and Sam Raimi.

As they kept it clean, simple and pure to the B-Film genre with out taking it over the top to stupidity. Just to the brink and never teetering over. Which is nice and is also a huge reason I recommend this film. Not only to B-Film fans, or sci-fi horror fans or even Bruce Campbell fans. I recommend this to anyone that just loves goofy, fun and silly movies. It is enjoyable, a great date movie and just a wonderful popcorn popping film that I fell in love with.

My Rating: 3.25 out of 5 Stars

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