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Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Review # 112 The Circuit 2: The Final Punch (2002)

Release: 2002
Director: Jalal Merhi
Writer: Glen G. Doyle
Cast: Olivier Gruner, Jalal Merhi, Lorenzo Lamas

Rotten Tomatoes: 0% Audience
IMDb: 3.4/10
Netflix: 2.6 Stars

The Circuit 2: The Final Punch is a standard generic fighting film. Whether there is a pit fighting tournament, or underground fight scene or prison fights. Either which way you go it is the same movie with subtle changes to the plot. This one has a guy faking his way into prison to beat up the man who tried to kill his wife. Outside of that one plot point it is as generic as they come.

As you have the overlord of the entire thing, you have the large villain that never loses and the token sidekick that dies at the end. All the while you wish for all the talking to end and just to get back to the fights. As the acting usually is so terrible that it grates on your nerves. Sadly this movie is no different in that regard. Sadly the fights do nothing but make you wish to turn it off.

As they are poorly shot and are so over the top cheesy. That they make you wince in agony at the whiffs and slip ups. The final battle at the end of the movie is a prime example as you see the two finally getting to go one on one. Only for them to be whiffing as the camera blinks and you see the guy fall. This type of directing and editing is down right atrocious and deserves mentioning. As it takes away from what the film had built up.

Which wasn't much to begin with honestly. As the movie leaves to many plot holes. Like did the girlfriend die? Did the Warden get away? Was Pike the main villain killed? None of those get answered and it leaves you feeling rather disappointed and upset as these where all main story arcs that have no closure what so ever. It is also the reason that most people will have content against this film as it fails to deliver anything worth viewing outside of an occasional decent fight scene.

Which is so fleeting that is best to cue up street fights on Youtube as they will be a lot more entertaining than this movie can ever be.

My Rating 1.75 out of 5 Stars

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