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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movie Review # 82 Retribution Road [Blue Eyes] (2007)

Release: 2007
Director: Chuck Walker 
Writer: Chuck Walker
Cast: John Castellanos, Michael Gregory, Leslie Easterbrook

Rotten Tomatoes: 25% Audience
IMDb: 4.7/10
Netflix: 2.4 Stars

Chuck Walker is the bastard version of Louis L'Amour. Where Louis succeeded in story telling, character design and staying power. Chuck Walker fails in all of those and more. Where Louis is mostly known for his writing he did have a few of his novels made into movies like Hondo with John Wayne and Crossfire Trail with Tom Selleck.

Which are not only good Westerns they are some of the most memorable I have ever seen. On the flip side Chuck Walker's films are forgettable and painful to fully watch. Which can make for some awkward moments when your a reviewer watching bad films like this with friends and family. As one by one they get up and walk out questioning why I am still sitting there. Which has now happened twice now with one of Chuck Walkers movies the other being Return of the Outlaws (Mexican Gold).

Which I reviewed earlier this year. Sadly though Chuck hasn't learned from that movies many mistakes. As he still has the same audio problems, lighting problems and horrendous script that goes with out description. But what is most haunting is how Chuck Walkers movies have two names well at least the two I reviewed so far. As they are released under one name and once the critics and viewers catch a whiff of the crap pile it is.

He quickly changes it and re-brands it as a new movie. With the same terrible script and acting. Which I can not blame the actors in this movie. I can only blame the director and writer Chuck Walker. As with each passing moment in this movie you can tell the actors want nothing to do with this movie. Almost as if they know they are making a movie on par with the likes of The Room and Troll 2. Both of which are considered two of the worst films of all time.

I can proudly say that Retribution Road (Blue Eyes) is up there with those. In story, writing, directing and acting. Despite as painful this story of a locked up outlaw and his family who is set out to save him is. It is just on par with The Room and Troll 2. Which does not say much for this movie in the least. Just that a bad film fan will find enjoyment in this movie. Which I did and it was watching my family and friends walking out cussing at me for starting this movie.

Call me a Sadist but that alone was worth the time of displeasure. But I will never watch this again and I strongly recommend that most avoid this movie at all costs. Yet if you are a completest of Bad Cinema and must see the worst of the worst films. Then this is a prize  you must take in and enjoy as their are not many films that are worse than this one.

My Rating: .25/5 Stars

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  1. This is easily one of the worst films ever made. The thin script and abysmal acting is surpassed only by the horrible production values. Most of the interior shots are highlighted by cavernous sound quality, and the camera work is amateurish. The entire film comes across as a bad high school film project. Avoid this film at all costs!