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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Movie Review # 66 Mr. Accident (1999)

Release: 1999
Director: Yahoo Serious

Rotten Tomatoes: 17% and 30% Critics and Audience
Netflix: 2.9 Stars

"Why so serious?" that famous line spoken by the Joker. Is one thing you can not say about Yahoo Serious and his movies. As they are more cartoon than real life. With the amount of slapstick, fall gag's and insane amount goofiness that entails his movies. But for most of you out there. You only know Yahoo Serious for his one shining moment in America.

Which is role in the movie Young Einstein. Well I should say anyone who was raised in the 80's knows this one movie. As it was a pop culture phenom and even brought people copying his hair from the movie. Well at least it did at my school. So if anything he did have some kind of influence of the children of the world. Even just for a fleeting moment. I know you are going when will she get to the review?

How about right now. Mr. Accident is written/directed and acted in by Yahoo Serious. Which if any of you out there have read my reviews. I hate when this happens. As it usually entails horrible movies that make me wish for a railroad spike and a hammer to drive it through my temple. Thankfully that was not needed for this movie in the least. 

As it gave me the feel of watching a old friend. Not just an old friend but an old friend who happens to be a live action cartoon. Yea that is how I would describe this movie. A live action cartoon complete with all the cartoon gags. From exploding ironing boards, to refrigerators teetering on the edge of disaster. It is all here. It even has a villain that is right out of cartoons as well.

Now what to start with? I will start with the cartoon villain played by David Field. Who reminds me of the Wolf in the old Droopy Dog movies. Complete with the suits hair and everything and you would have Duxton Chevalier. The chain smoking evil mastermind of the movie. Who will do anything to make you addicted to cigarettes or more importantly nicotine. Now for his evil plan? He offs his brother who owns and operates Australia's largest egg producer. 

Then he starts feeding the chickens feed laced with nicotine. That comes out in the eggs and makes them not only bad for you. But completely addicting. Yea evil genius one oh one there folks! It is just simple brilliant. We all know that for every villain there is a hero and ultimately the woman he loves. So we are onto Sunday Valentine. The chicken sexing smart dumb girl from Bucket Australia. No I did not write that sentence wrong folks. That is her literal name and description.

She is a idiot savant who loves UFO's and discovering if indeed we are alone in the universe. As well as a former chicken sexer. Not in my many years of writing did I ever thing I would write chicken and sex together. Anyways Sunday starts out as the dumb blonde of Duxton who abuses her and mistreats her. Which causes her to leave and go the apartment building that her friend Constable Rikki lives. When she gets confused on the room number on the key.

Thinking it is ninety one instead of sixteen. Which causes her to barge on and fall for the hero of the movie Roger Crumpkin. We now put two and two together and we get eggs. So many eggs. I am sorry I had to do that. After all the eggs are the reason for this movie. Anyways so Roger and her start dating and ultimately have a falling out. That leads to a Buxton finding out about Roger and her and more hilarity ensues. I just won't say what though. It is to goofy to talk about to much.

Now we are on to Roger played by Yahoo Serious. Who is a man who never uses his imagination and is simply a parts and repairman. Who states so oddly that he only takes things apart. But somehow he repairs all the things in the egg factory. You figure that one out folks. Maybe its a bit of movie magic or just a simple slight of hand that they hoped I would miss or hell all of us would miss. But I didn't and it is this one thing that sours it for me just a smidgen. 

But not enough to ruin it in anyway possible. So back to bad luck Roger. Who has had a hard life. His father through him out in the rain for doing a drawing of the family. I know what you're thinking thats harsh. So let me just write what the father say's. "We Crumpkins are parts people! Always have been. Always will be. We do not use our imagination for anything. We just take things apart!" Which poor Rodger took to heart and it is because of this he has a hard time being part of society.

As with his unnatural clumsiness and constant taking of part of things. He just listed as a weird chap. All of that changes though when Sunday Valentine comes into his life. Well mostly as Sunday believes that all Roger's bad luck is brought on by her. When it wasn't it was just Roger being Roger. With that I am done spoiling the egg. Wait did I just do another egg reference!? Yes I sure as hell did.

One egg in the hand is better than two in the bush? This is eggcellent? Okay okay kill me I am sorry. Mr. Accident is a fun family comedy. That is part of a lost era of movie making. As it pulls from straight slapstick and uses all the gag's to perfection. As comedies now day's focus more on spoken word or gross out jokes. This one chooses to use all that made comedy through the ages golden.

It is also the reason I enjoyed this movie so much. As it took me back to the 70's and 80's.The era of comedy classics like Young Frankenstein, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Three Men and a Baby. All of these movies share something in common with this one. They all are silly and each one of them uses not special effects. But sight gags and real comedy. Which is so severely missed in today's big budget movies.

If you are wanting a fun classic comedy then this might be for you. But I strongly emphasize the but here. If you are not a fan of older comedies. This movie will not only disappoint you it will not be enjoyable at all. As it is not the type of movie most Americans will enjoy. But for Canadians and Brits this will be. As it has the same qualities of Monty Python and Kids in the Hall. 

So once again "Why so serious?" I know I am not. Now what about you?

My Rating: 3.5/5

Trailer found here. 

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