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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Movie Review # 76 The Dolphin: Story of the Dreamer (2009)

Release: 2009
Director: Eduardo Schuldt
Sergio Bambaren (screenplay)
Judy Kellem (screenplay)
Eduardo Schuldt (screenplay)
Michael Wogh (screenplay)
Robbie Daymond
Debra L. Repashy
Michael Ferreri

Rotten Tomatoes: n/a
IMDb: 4.7/5 Stars
Netflix: 3.2 Stars

Children's animated movies are a hit and miss proposition at best. With more misses than hits usually and going in with this mindset I was pleasantly surprised with The Dolphin: Story of the Dreamer as it has a heart felt message about following ones dreams. Which is cliche and predictable. At the same time it does a new twist to the follow your dreams story.

As it directly tackles a modern issue. That we no longer dream. We just procure belongings and use those for happiness instead of following what out hearts want. This is told through out the movie and it keeps this message not only strong but very straight forward. With messages of do no live on others dreams, do not forget your dreams, and stay a kid at heart as those dreams are your most pure.

All of which are told in a beautiful fashion and through some decent animation. Sadly though the voice acting and script are both horrendous. As every five minutes or so you hear Daniel Alexander Dolphin spew from the main characters mouth. Seriously must we have your full name every time. While everyone else is satisfied by giving you their first name only? It is as if he wants the world to know that he is greatest dolphin ever!

Well according to the story he is. As his dream and the fulfillment of it. Will change the ocean and make everyone follow their hearts and dreams. So I guess he and his mouth full of a name must be spewed in full every chance. So that the world does not forget it. It is almost in lines of the way Jesus or Muhammad are in the way this movie is presented. As he is the chosen one or he is the son of God.

Chosen or bread to chance the world. It this mythology that I couldn't get out of my head and it also made me chuckle. None more so than when he fought the great Dream Eater Lucius who is there only to steal and destroy all dreamers. All because someone lied to him and destroyed his dreams. Lucius defeats Daniel and tries to steal the dream. But Daniel believes in it to much and won't let it go.

Then out of no where every one in his cult following shows up. Just as if he was the second coming of Christ or Muhammad. It was not so much a religious moment but a Holy Crap this was predictable moment. Unfortunately it was  that way from begining to end. Which for adults will not be bearable for the most part.

For kids though they will love it. As it hits on all the cues that makes a good movie for children. But if given the choice I would choose to read my kids the book first that was written by Sergio Bambaren and then let them see the movie. So I can teach them the differences of the two. Which is not much and defiantly not worth mentioning.

At the same time it sharing a special moment with my kids as I read them a book. Instead of sitting on a couch with a movie or a game. Instead reading and enjoying a bond that I had with my mother as a child. That is what this movie is really about. Sharing moments and dreams and being close with those you love and cherish. So if I took anything away from this movie. It is this.

Follow your heart and keep your dreams. Cherish your family, your friends and never judge a person by their looks. Instead choose to see everyone as a blank page that you write the script for as you get to know them. With no biased or tainted views.

My Rating 3.25/5 Stars

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