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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Movie Review # 62 Happily N'Ever After 2 (2009)

Release: 2009
Steven E. Gordon
Boyd Kirkland
Writer: Chris Denk
G.K. Bowes
Kelly Brewer
Helen Niedwick

Rotten Tomatoes: 24% Audience
IMDb: 3.4/10 Stars
Netflix: 3.3 Stars

Happily N'Ever After is a movie of two halves or let's just say "The Mirror only tells half the story." Which is a literal line in the movie by Queen Grace who happens to be Snow White's mother. It is also the best analogy of this film as a whole. As the first half is hard to make it through as it is part Mean Girls meet's A Cinderella Story. But with out all the fun and enjoyable bits.

While the second half of the movie played out like a traditional fairy tale complete with a heart felt message. Which honestly is a role reversal for most movies. This one lost its script for the first act and found in the second. When it usually the opposite for most movies. They start out amazing and end with such a dud that you wonder what happened. Thankfully this one turned it around and was enjoyable once you got about 40 minutes into the 70 minute long movie.

It is also where the real story takes place. As the first half of the movie is slow and painful as you see a stuck up Snow White doing her best to be Paris Hilton. Complete with the backstabbing brought on by a truth serum apple. Instead of the well known poison apple of the old fairy tale. Which they even describe in a humorous and somewhat enjoyable manner. That a little gossip can be poison to one's ego and friends. Which it was.

So that is the first half of the movie. Now for the second half it revolves around Snow White learning about herself and ultimately what made her mother amazing. Which was her compassion and caring of  the little people and with the help of the 7 Dwarves not only did she learn this. She ends up opening up a Snow White Help Center. So it adds a little touch of cuteness to the movie. But no fairy tale is complete with out a villain and well I have I think a short sentence or at the least a short few sentences to describe this woman.

She is a peasant who wishes to be pretty who goes to a evil witch. Finds a magic mirror that makes her look like the dead queen and then tries to take over the kingdom. That's her story and is storybook as they come. Which is fine as this is not written to be more than it is. Which is a story of a strong female lead written for little girls to fall in love with. I say that as most boys will get up and walk out. But there are those special ones that this movie will talk to and become part of who they are.

Which is really what this movie is. Accepting of who you are and knowing that no matter what you do you can change. That you can be different in a positive way no matter your up bringing. It is movies like this that give hope to our kids that they can be the difference if they put forth the effort. It is also one that I have no problem showing to my own kids when I do have them.

It just a simple good movie that has a heart and pulse even if it happens half way through it. That makes for a enjoyable family experience. Which is all that we can ask for in this day and age of fast paced, explosion filled movies.

My Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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