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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Review # 5 Pokemon: Lucario and the Legend of Mew

Release: 2005(Japan in Theaters) 2006(Worldwide DVD)
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Writer: Hideki Sonada
Cast: (English)
Veronica Taylor 
Eric Stuart
Ikue Ootani

Rotten Tomatoes: 80% (Audience no reviews)
IMDB: 7.0/10
Netflix: 3.8 Stars out of 5 

Yeah I know why the hell am I reviewing a kids movie. Especially a Pokemon movie. Well guys and girls and those people who are undecided. I am reviewing this purely on the fact that I love Pokemon and its the weekend Pokemon Black and White are released here in the States. So if you want to skip this review and tomorrows be my guest as it will be back to back Pokemon movies. So on to the Gotta Catch Them All Review!!

Pokemon: Lucario and The Legend of Mew is possibly the strangest Pokemon movie on record outside of Pokemon The 3rd Movie with the Unknown running rampant. Even with that said its a Pokemon movie where you shelve your belief of reality at the door and just sit back and enjoy what is honestly entry level Anime. Which does not mean this movie is crap. Because it is not. It is sillier and does not follow the cannon of the show and you can tell that For Kids Entertainment really didn't care how their writing ruined what was a beautiful story. But that is just what For Kids did.

From changing the titles of movies to changing cannon story lines. This is no different. The basis of the story is around a great protector who sacrificed himself in order to save his adopted home and his best friend Lucario. Only Lucario upon release thinks that his Master betrayed the land and ultimately him. This tear jerking and moving story had everything there for a great feature. Sadly the re-writes by the American's ruined it as they added in humor where humor should not have been.

Again I just roll around to blaming For Kids. So I will just drop this bad egg and focus on what makes this movie good. Which is voice acting, art and the beauty that is Pokemon. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew I would put in the middle of the Pokemon pack with Pokemon the First Movie and Pokemon Mewtwo returns one and two. Sadly since I have not seen all the films. Including tomorrows film Darkrai I can not really rate this film up against those. But as a individual film if you can look past the fact that the show goes one way and this movie goes another. It is worth sitting down and viewing as Pokemon fan.

If you are not the flaws and the re-written script will make you want to vomit as it is a sugar coated mess. Sadly to me this movie is something I can not hate. But it is not the first in my list of Pokemon Movies to watch. But if you haven't seen it then it is worth the 1hr and 40 mins to sit back and catch it at least once. As Ash Ketchum and Pikachu save the world again from destruction. Seriously he is Superman in Pokemon he is always at the right place at the right time to save the world and Pokemon from imment doom. Yeah Ash is a demi-God just like Hercules or Perseus and with that I am off to bed.

My Rating: 2.75 Stars out of 5


My Review Criteria: Must be a film I have never seen and available on Netflix (Streaming or DVD). Must be a B-Film, Indie Film or Foreign Film. Must have not been released in mass to Theaters in the USA. Feel free to submit any movie you would want me to review. I am game for anything.
(Goal to write 365 movie reviews in 365 days. Damn I am nuts!)

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