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Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie Review # 25 Irish American Ninja (2005)

Director: Bill Sebastian
Writer: Bill Sebastian
Bill Sebastian
James Cable

Rotten Tomatoes: 31% Fresh Audience
IMDB: 3.9.10
Netflix: 1.7 Stars

Irish American Ninja has everything that makes independent film amazing and at the same time frightening. Those being the fact that most of these movies are written, directed and starred in by the same person. Often times these movies of passion end in crimes of passion instead. This one well it honestly broke the mold with its campy and often goofy take on Ninja films. Even stooping to poking fun at mega cult favorites Jean Claude Van Damme and the original Karate Kid himself Ralph Macchio.

All the while keeping to its roots as a straight up B-film. Which honestly is a very well polished turd that deserves to be seen. Nothing is above average. But what it does have is a heart and soul about it that just makes you giggle as the over the top mockery of ninja's is just to damn silly not to enjoy. Even the story is silly two brothers set out be ninja's one has a girls name and kills his father. Then the brother set's out for redemption and finds his brother. Only for his brother to leave him once again. So he goes back and kills his brothers dog. Yeah I know this is just to stupid to be enjoyable.

That assumption would be completely off base. As this film makes you want to watch more. The action sequences are slapstick in nature often reminding me of Jackie Chan comedies. Even the writing is great with one liners that are amazingly well timed and often spot on for the moment. The only downside to this movie is the acting which at times is brilliant and other times its so bad its awesome.

Now for the best part of this film. Well to myself anyways. It was shot and filmed in and around Euless, TX with back drops near Trinity High School, Bedford and even one scene shot in Pennington Field home of the Trinity Trojans and L.D. Bell Raiders. So this brought out a piece of nostalgia to myself since I grew up in and around this neighborhood. So it was just an extra special treat to myself and to most who live in the area that see this film.

For how I rate this and do I recommend it? I honestly do you can do far worse for movies out there. You can also do much better. Just for what this movie is and that is to take Ninjas and spoof them. This hit's its mark and does it very well and with funny and often hilarious moments.

My Rating: 2.25/5 Stars

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