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Friday, March 4, 2011

Movie Review #3 The Hebrew Hammer

Release: 2003 (
Director: Jonathon Kesselman
Writer: Jonathon Kesselman
Cast: Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan, Deja Vu, A Beautiful Mind)
          Andy Dick (NewsRadio, The Cable Guy, Less Than Perfect)
          Judy Greer (Three Kings, The Village, What Women Want)

IMDB: 6.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 52%
Netflix: 3.1 Stars
The Hebrew Hammer wow. Yeah this is possibly one of the most offensive, politically incorrect films I have ever seen. Which honestly I do not mind in the least. But to show you how bad this film got. The Anti-Defamation League brought this film up on charges to no avail. As art trumped Political Correctness.  That in itself sets this film apart from it's peers. But is it worth viewing? What movies does it steal from?

Now that is the real question. The Hebrew Hammer who is played Adam Goldberg is part Austin Powers part Jason Bourne and a tiny bit of Batman. Where instead of his family being killed that brought out the anger in him. It was his Hanukkah dreidel and that is really where the story picks up. This film never delves into who and what makes the Jewish Dark Knight. Is he a Private Dick as his door to his office reads? Is it he Jewish version of Batman or just some schmuck who is just rough enough around the edges to make others go "He is so cool!"

I guess he is a little of all of that. Now for the main story Damien the son of Santa Claus kills his father and is hellbent on destroying all that is not Christmas. Which means the Jews must combat an evil Santa Clause who is played by Andy Dick. In possibly one of his better roles. Complete with him poking fun at his drug past or is it his present. Who the fuck knows anymore. This guy was Charlie Sheen after Charlie Sheen got clean only to disappear and well yeah. I am off track here. So Damien wants to drub out Hanukkah damn that is bitch to write out. Again I am off track. Grr I blame the fact I am so tired on this being more dribble than informational. Anyways yeah!

So the film revolves around The Hebrew Hammer who must save Hanukkah from evil Santa Claus. It's high points is that it takes cue's from movies like Spaceballs with its tongue in cheek humor of security systems, Austin Powers in its sex scenes and Ernest Saves Christmas or even Elf in it's message of believing and you will succeed. All in all once you put aside your PC hat and sit back with your I don't give a fuck hat this film stands as a decent way to waste 2 hours of your life. Is it a film to put along Bad Santa, Elf, Fred Clause, 8 Crazy Nights or any other holiday film that is over played at Christmas?

I would say possibly.But for myself it is a no for the most part. It just was not my kind of movie and if I want to watch a super Jew kick ass. I will just watch Adam Sandlers film. Don't Mess with Zohan as it has more appeal and honestly was a lot funnier than the Hebrew Hammer as it just went below the belt and stayed there long enough to circumcise the viewing audience.

My Rating 2.25 Stars out of 5


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