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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movie Review # 19 Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai

Release: 2007
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Writer: Hideki Sonada
Michele Knotz
Ikue Ootani
Sarah Natochenny

Rotten Tomatoes: 79% Fresh Audience
IMDB: 5.5/10
Netflix: 3.8 Stars

Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai is possibly the best Pokemon movie outside of the first one. As it takes parts from other established franchises like Godzilla and Hayao Miyazaki's epic tail Nausicaa of the Wind (1984). Then melds them together to form a wonderful and enchanting tail. Yet keep it completely Pokemon. From beginning to end it is entertaining, funny and enjoyable enough for adults and children over 7.

I say that as moments in this film are scary for younger kids. Which is alright in most parents books. But I do recommend you viewing it first and making the judgement on it before letting your young ones watch it. As this  is the darkest of all the released Pokemon movies. It is also the reason that this film is amazing. It took a more adult theme and went with it. As it respected the aging audience of Pokemon.

So here is the story synopsis Palkia and Dialga two Pokemon that should have never met. End up meeting then creating a battle. As they are both thinking the other invaded and are protecting their lands. Now for Darkrai I will not break that story bullet point as it is a main plot line for the film. As for everything else? Honestly it is Pokemon so you will love or hate it dependent on that.

But if you are a teeter then this might one of those Pokemon films that  you might actually enjoy. It is not like a lot of the others. Where Ash saves the world etc etc. In this one he helps out but is not the main hero. Which was refreshing and great. Now we move on to acting, art and music and per the usual they are all good. Which is what you come to expect from these movie releases.

With saying that here is my verdict. Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai is a great Pokemon movie. It is entertaining, dark and magical. It can stand alone outside of the franchise and be enjoyed by Pokemon fans and non-Pokemon fans. That is just my take and I hope all of you come back tomorrow for my next movie review.

My Rating 3.75/5 Stars

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