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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie Review # 141 Opposite Day (2009)

Release: 2009
Director: R. Michael Givens
Writer(s): Steven Paul, Max Botkin
Cast: Dick Van Patton, Pauly Shore, Billy Unger, Ariel Winter

Rotten Tomatoes: 21% Audience Fresh
IMDb: 3.6/10
Netflix: 3.4 Stars

Everyone has one of those days that they feel as if death is a welcome friend. Sadly those days are multiplying at an alarming rate for me. As I watch more and more bad films. All of which shorten my lifespan and make me miserable for my own existence. On the brighter more positive side of this coin this movie despite it's overly cliched and badly written script had one good thing. It was the acting did not kill the movie as it had real actors just in a horrible movie.

Which makes that much more sad as Pauly Shore is one my favorite actors of the 90's who has lost his way in the 2000's. Then you have the legendary Dick Van Patton who puts on a great performance. Despite his overly bad comb over hairstyle. Which not only brings chuckles it is the worst ascetic part of the movie is seeing it. Which say's even more about this movie as a whole. But just not enough to make it enjoyable sadly.

As the script is a mish-mash of Freaky Friday with Superbabies tossed in with a small amount of Kid Nation where kids ruled their own town. With this kind of groundwork you would think it would be pleasant and enjoyable. Instead what we get is silly romps, set pieces that are not enjoyable for tykes or adults and a story of a kid gone bad. Who then goes good because the story called for it as he learned his lesson.

All of which I am fine with. If anything keeping this movie simple would have made it amazing. Instead the movie shot to wide right and missed its goal. As if the movie was just on kids becoming adults and taking over. It would have been a good movie. If it was not for the two kids played by Billy Unger and Ariel Winter running around not knowing what was going on. As they and their grandparents where the only one's not affected by the mysterious cloud that changed everyone.

Which just brings the story to a more convoluted point. As the cloud was brought on by a machine failure. Because the scientist father never gave his son the time of day and wanted to use his kid as a experiment. When he escapes and blows up the machine. Starting this chain reaction in a five mile radius. Which is just enough to cover the entire town and turn all adults to kids and kids to adults. But the kids and adults that where not there. Just come back into town and are completely out of the loop.

Which is where the movie puts most if not all of its comedy into. Which is unfortunate as Pauly Shore is wasted in this role as a kid. You get to see moments of his brilliance only to have it squashed and killed just as quick as it happens. The same goes for Dick Van Patton. Now if there is one saving grace they are not in this movie much and can write it off as a paycheck. Sadly for both they do not do much and any movie that they are part of till they go big again. Will show up as a big mark for and against them.

Which this one is not only against them. It is against the entire cast, writers and director of this movie. But as bad as this movie is. Children will enjoy it for the most part if they can follow it. Which for me is going to be hard to believe as the story makes little to no sense and they never really explain anything or set up the villain of the movie till there is thirty minutes less. Which seems as if it is an add on moment and not needed.

Now if you can sit through Superbabies and enjoy it then you can enjoy this movie. If you can not do as the rest of the world does and just bypass this film. It is best that you and your kids do not have to torture yourselves for enjoyments sake.

My Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

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