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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Movie Review # 129 Narcosys (2000)

Release: 2000
Director: Mark Bakaitis
Writer: Adam Breasley
Cast: Mia Kate Russell, Todd James, Matt Trihey

Rotten Tomatoes: 38% Audience
IMDb: 2.8/10
Netflix: 1.6 Stars

I want to keep this extremely short. Maybe it will be as short as two paragraphs short as I have nothing of value to say about this movie. As it is a movie about nothing and all that it does have is awful and not worth talking about. So let's go and dive into a pile of shit and hope I do not get corn stuck in my fucking hair. Narcosys is part Bladerunner part Matrix and a ton of shit piled with vomit and bile.

The plot of this movie if you can find is a group or rejects want to score clean drugs. Which they will kill for all because the main villain the giant IT Corporation is putting viruses into the new stock. So people are scared of it and yet still want their kicks. So what this movie devolves into is a BDSM fuckfest filled with plot holes, transparent characters and loads of gas mask wearing fuck ups.

It is this lack of knowledge and priming of crappy story telling that drives this movie. As each progressive moment adds to the confusion and the insanity it induces in the viewer. To the point that you quit caring and want to walk away from this horrible piece of shit. Which I did not and if you make it through you will scream "What the FUCK!?" at the top of you lungs when it ends. As it has no closure and leaves you asking more questions.

It is this level of shit that people assume all B-Movies fall into. Sadly this one is not worth the film that is stored on. Nor is it worth ever subjecting yourself to. So do yourself a favor and everyone a favor and tell your friends to just avoid this for their health and sanity.

My Rating Negative -4 out of 5 Stars

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