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Friday, July 22, 2011

Movie Review # 139 Defiance (2002)

Release: 2002
Director: Doveed Linder

Rotten Tomatoes: 40% Audience Fresh
IMDb: 3.1/10 
Netflix: 2.6 Stars

It is a sad day in the world of modern westerns. With each passing week I see another failure in the genre. None more egregious in nature than "Defiance" as it is at its heart. Nothing more than a soulless, poorly written, acted and directed movie. That is not only a shame to Westerns but a shame to anyone who works in the movie industry. Which is not a slap in the face but a statement of fact.

From the opening scene to the ending of the movie. You are lost to what is going on. As the movie never develops the characters or lays out the ground work of a good verse evil story line. Instead what we get is passing flashbacks that serve little to no purpose and action that you can see in your backyard. As you watch young boys play Cowboys and Indians. Complete with you dead lines as the young children forget that they are and fall with the grace of a rotten sack of potatoes. As they ham it up.

Which this movie has a few times. But as bad as all of it is. The worst part is the make up. That is just terrible. There a scenes that you can tell its just glued on. To others where it is obviously a dummy. As in the last scene of the movie. Where a man has his head blown clean through. It is cheesy it is laughable and it is terrible. Sadly you can not turn your head away in agony as you are to busy laughing at the total crappy nature of the movie.

That is grainy, poorly cut and shot. To the obvious use of strawberry jelly, corn syrup and my favorite on the movie. A man who uses a water bottle to make it look like he is peeing on another man. It was that scene half way through that made me throw my hands up and say. "Why the fuck am I still watching this." But as some of you know. I can not walk away no matter how terrible it is. Now if there was a silver lining in this movie.

It is this the movie is over before you know it. As it is an hour and five minutes long. With a seven minute long credit line. That is best forgotten as it offers nothing and is so slow that it shall and can induce comas. Which is not saying the rest of the film can not. Because believe me it can. As you feel your brains rot with the total craptastic nature of the movie.

Now I am one who loves Westerns and B-Films and this is just my opinion. This is a movie best avoided by all in the world. As it is easier to go into the country with your friends and your handicam. Then stop by the local Western Store and buy some clothes and props. Then go shoot your own movie. Than watch this as it is what these fools did. Just if you do it yourself you have the memories and will more than likely shoot a better movie than this one. So go have fun and make your own movie and just skip this one or just vote it down out of principal.

Because no man, woman or child deserves to have to see this. Hell if I could go back I would have told my younger self to avoid this. But then you wouldn't have this review. Now would ya?

My Rating: 0 out of 5 Stars

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