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Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Review # 130 Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm

Release: 1998
Director: Peter Gerretsen
Writer(s): Peter Lalonde, Paul Lalonde
Cast: Leigh Lewis, Richard Nester, Sam Bornstein

Rotten Tomatoes: n/a 
IMDb: 4.5/10
Netflix: 3.2 Stars

"I want to open that this review is not against Christianity and that this review is souly on production of this movie. "
Judgement movies and apocalypse movies are a dime a dozen in Christian circles. They are used as part propoganda and part means to make people money. But the one thing that they all share in common is this. They are made for no one but Christians. As their over preachy nature and over zealous religious overtones run rampant and shun away the people that they are trying to convert.

This movie is no exception as it was one of the first of these movies. Which is honestly sad as it set the bar so low. That the long list of movies that followed only had do marginally better to exceed the crap factor that this movie has. Thankfully it is that crap factor that made this movie enjoyable for the first thirty minutes of the movie. As the acting, action and special effects where so laughable that I nearly peed myself.

Which was something I was not expecting. Sadly that was short lived as that action goofy film fades and it becomes a race against time to find God. Which really is where the movie loses steam and loses viewers that are not devout to the faith. Because they shift gears so suddenly and go so preachy that the story suffers from the weight of the Biblical literature. It is not the only thing this movie suffers from though.

It is that when humans go to Heaven they leave their clothes neatly folded and everything stowed nicely. Be it on a ladder, a chair or a car seat. It was at this moment that the movie lost me. All because if someone disappears are we really going to see folded clothes? That and no underwear in the mix. Seriously folks there where no socks, undies, bras or anything other than outerwear. 

In this world do people not wear them? I am just being nit picky and poking fun. But it is a question I want answers to. Which they never answer or talk about in the movie as the leads fall in love with God all to easily and the struggle of each is underwhelming and very boring. Especially since this movie bills itself as people coming to and finding God in a struggle. Well there was really no struggle here as the writing followed the paint by numbers mythos to a perfect T.

Which as far as Christian movies go it is more of the same. Wait no it is the flag bearer of this generation of film making. It doesn't matter either which way you look at this movie. If you are a Christian you will love this movie and find it enjoyable as it is made for you. If you are a movie critic and not one you will find this movie unbearable and annoying. 

As this movie has no middle ground. Unlike movies like Passion of the Christ or even some of the funnier religious movies out there like Sister Act. This movie is simply made for one sect nothing more nothing less and as reviewer I can on recommend it for that section of society.

My Rating: 0 out of 5 Stars (this is souly on the make up, action, writing and acting of the movie nothing more.)

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