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Friday, July 15, 2011

Movie Review # 134 Bad Batch (2010)

Release: 2010
Director: Abe Schwartz
Writer: Abe Schwartz
Cast: J.R. Lemon, Jessica Watkins, Lionel Sam

Rotten Tomaotes: N/A
Netflix: 2.1 Stars

Bad Batch... Oh Bad Batch..... What can I say? I will start with the positives. It is nicely shot and the outtakes are great fun. The rest of this pathetic excuse of a movie needs to be burned and sent back to the depths of Hell that it was spawned from. As harsh as that sounds it can not change the fact that I honestly hated this movie.

The reasons I hated are as such. The movie was like a poorly written and acted afternoon "Do Not Do Drugs!" special. Then there is the story of codeine laced pot that was supposed to add to the movie and all it did is add more agony to a already boring movie. That is all about three people having a bad trip. Which honestly was so boring that I wished for the days of seeing my friends and their trips. As this movie clearly has no idea what trips do to people.

Top it off the movie is mostly inner dialogue of each person. Which is spoke clearly and concisely and this is all while they are stoned? That alone is egregious and just down right pathetic. But if there is a bright side to this movie it is this. You can mute the movie and do your own monologue to the film. Which would make it funnier and more entertaining. Just finding the friends that would want to will be the hardest part.

As this movie deserves a cremation more than a viewing. On the bright side this movie is so awful that it will remind people of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room" as this movie plays out at that movies pace. Which is slow boring and damn near lethargic. All of which does not make for a good movie environment. Now if you are into those things by all means enjoy this badly done after school special. If not go rent "Pineapple Express" as that movie fits the stone culture so much better than this laughably bad movie.

My Rating 0 out of 5 Stars

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