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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Movie Review # 127 Mutant Hunt (1987)

Release: 1987
Director: Tim Kincaid A.K.A. Joe Gage A.K.A Mac Larson
Writer: Tim Kincaid A.K.A. Joe Gage A.K.A Mac Larson
Cast: Rick GianasiMary Fahey, Ron Reynaldi

Rotten Tomatoes: 18% Audience
IMDb: 2.9/10
Netflix: 1.9 Stars

Everybody makes these following statements when watching crappy films. "This movie is shot like a porn!" or "Man the acting in this movie makes porn look good." I want to let you in on something folks the director of this movie directs more than crappy sci-fi films. He is one the biggest and most famous straight to jerk off heaven Gay Porn directors.

Although he does not use his real name for those. Instead choosing to go by the name Joe Gage. But I am not done with this gentlemen. He has a third alter ego and that is Mac Larson who also does Gay Porn but they are more hardcore than Joe Gage's. With this knowledge in tow and know that he wrote and directed all of this crap I knew I was in for trouble as soon as the movie started.

Not because of his Porn past but because the starting shot was a static picture with a cutout laid on top stating that this building was some type of corporation. Yea that is comforting and it just goes downhill from there. As the script is as paper thin as well a porn. It is about a man who wants to set out a legion of cyborgs to kill New York City. Only to let out three to kill a woman who escaped. All the while a band of misfits are out to stop him from doing what he wants.

Yet that is not the main plot. The main plot is everyone wanting a make believe drug called Euphoran which is supposed to stimulate the sex drive of anyone who uses it and making them sex filled beasts. But using to much can cause you to go on a killing spree. Yet for some reason it turns cyborgs into pleasure seeking killing machines. As if cyborgs get off by anything yet alone killing.

I guess that is the porn past coming into the present time of this crap film. Either which way you look at it. This movie is gory, stupid and just down right annoying. It insults anything and anyone who has a love for sci-fi. It is so out in left field that not even devout bad film fans can find any enjoyment in this movie. All because this movie takes itself so seriously that it is not fun to watch as actors stumble over lines, porn music blares and the action is so pathetic that it is best to sit back and watch to five year old's beat each other up with over sized boxing gloves.

That would be more entertainment than this movie can provide any sensible adult out there. It is just one move that needs to be avoided at all costs. If you want crappy writing and crappy porn music then watch a porn. Because what you get with this movie is a porn that is all fluff no sex and just as horrible. Seriously who wants to watch a movie like this? I sure as hell do not and I am sure most of you out there do not either.

My Rating: 0 out of 5 Stars

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  1. "Mutant Hunt" makes "Plan 9 from Outer Space" look like "Gone with the Wind."