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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Review # 133 Sorority Girls' Revenge (2001)

Release: 2001
Director: Keith Warn
Writer: Keith Warn
Cast: Keith Warn, Stacy Oliver, Kevin Wortman

Rotten Tomatoes: 57% Audience
IMDb: 4.0/10
Netflix: 1.7 Stars

Bad movies. Oh BAD MOVIES! They are so plentiful and abundant and I have said many times. This is the worst movie ever! You know what folks I have to change that. I need to go to "This is the worst movie I have seen to date." or "This is the worst movie I have watched this year." I literally have to come up with something as these shitastic piece of works keep showing up for me to review. It is not like these movies try to be good as they go along the lines of cliche's fulled crap and bad acting.

Some just outright suck and they do not care what the critics or audience think. To them you paid to see it or you rented it and saw it. All you are is a dollar sign and we got chumped. So I will admit I was a chump. I watched Sorority Girl's Revenge and thought it would be entertaining. Maybe a bit naughty, maybe a bit gory and maybe a classic B-Film that deserves merit for its rough nature.

Oh NO! I was so wrong. As this movie takes a porn plot line of abandoned Sorority Girls and turns from porn to a PG-13 crapfest. How this movie got an R rating is beyond me as there is no sex, no foul language and the stuff you see on screen is no worse than a Victoria Secret commercial. Yet somehow it did and it is this type of blatant misleading that made me want to scream. As the title and the look make it look to be a grundge film or a slasher film.

Not a single camera shot film that has an actual scene with the director and his flipboard saying CUT! Yes folks it actually happens. You see the fucking board. You see the name of the movie and everything. Not only did it happen once! It happened twice. Yeah! Fucking wonderful. Sadly though that was the highlight of this movie as the plot of four girls sent to a cabin for a weekend was boring. The two guys who should have been killers. Where bumbling sex deprived retards!

Then the best of the bunch the leader of Sorority was such a bad actress that she was laughing as she was supposed to be scared. Seriously! Now if you make to that part of the movie which is at the end mind you. You will be so brain dead to not care anymore. You will be wishing for zombies to be gnawing on your now watery leftovers of a brain. That is just how I felt at the end of this.

Which says nothing about me as I think I have lost more brain cells in four months of doing this than in my lifetime. Thankfully I only have eight months left of this I believe. Then I am done for a while and this special place in Hell that I am living in will be done and gone. But I know I will be back doing this again at the end of this. I want to keep this going even if you the readers never see it.

It is just a way for me to vent and feel I am doing something. Even if it is just two hours a day.

My Rating: Negative infinite. Oh fuck just go see what I gave Skeleton Key 2: 666 Mark of the Beast and add negative 2 to it.

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