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Friday, August 26, 2011

Movie Review # 158 Cannibal Subrbia (2008)

Release: 2008
Director(s): D.A. Jackson, Jean-Luc Syndikas 
Writer(s): D.A. Jackson, Jean-Luc Syndikas
Cast: Donkey Punch Disco, Secret Mango, Amos Phillips

Rotten Tomatoes: No ratings just 0% want to see it.
IMDb: 5.1/10
Netflix: 1.6 Stars

I can think of tons of adjectives to describe this movie. But I will stick to just one word and it is just "Shit". Yes folks this movie is SHIT! There is just way around it and seeing that is a relative unknown in the world of movies I can see where this movie is heading. if you have not guessed where that direction is. It is down into the bowls of the worst films in movie history.

I say that with no grain of salt or remorse. This is simply a painful movie to watch and not in the "Human Centipede" way. But in the "Oh my god this is terrible!" way nor is it in the I am so terrible I am awesome way. As the movie goes on juvenile extremes from poop, vomit and piss jokes to just being overly the top insulting. All the while never entertaining. As the movie and its three stories have no real plots.

The first one is a mash up of drugs, a girl getting stuck in a fridge, suicide and a old woman dying after being run over by a car. None of the stories make any sense or even work together. But for some reason they are the first tale. The second one is about doppelgangers and guy who torments his doppelganger, only to find out he is one of three. With one being a mass murderer, another being a deformed version of himself.

In this one he ends up saving his deformed self and killing the mass murderer. The third one is a vignette to snuff films as a guy is knocked out, then tortured by a sadistic girl.and it is the only one that actually reminds me of a real film. As it is gritty, obnoxious and down right chilling as it is all to real. Especially the further into the torture you get as it leans towards to most sadistic sides of humanity.

The sad part as good as these scenes are. The acting is down right horrible and this entire segment is just there to gross you out. As you have fingers, and his penis being cut off. Hot water being used to burn him and power drills to kill him. It is as if they wanted to be "Hostel" or "Saw" and completely failed. Now there is a forth set and it deals witht he narrator of the movie.

As he takes care of his dog human friend and tells him stories. All the while he has hostage in his backyard that he pisses on, beats and ultimately kills. But no scene is more disgusting that watching the man dog shit on the corpses face at the end. It is down right vile and so unneeded and was totally put in for pure gross out measures as where so many other scenes in the movie.

Now as a while picture this movie is a disjointed mess with no purpose or plot. Unlike other movies in this genre like "Trick 'R' Treat" and 'Creepshow" which have a moral behind the stories. This does not and it is because of this vacant plot points of each story. You are left with a feeling of longing as there is no closer to anything in this movie. With the lone exception maybe being story number two.

But even then that one left you with questions and was far from perfect. Which is a good summation of this total movie far from perfect. But and there always his this movie might find a home on many horror shelves and ques because it is easily digestible and easily toss able if nothing else. It also is a great popcorn and beer movie to make fun of with your friends. So in the end might be its lonely redeeming quality it is so bad you bring friends along to make fun of it.

My Rating: 0 out of 5 Stars

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