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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie Review # 150 The Curiosity of Chance (2006)

Release: 2006
Director: Russel P. Marleau
Writer: Russel P. Marleau
Cast: Tad Hilgenbrink, Brett Chukerman, Aldevina Da Silva

Rotten Tomatoes: 63% Audience Fresh
IMDb: 6/10
Netflix: 3.4 Stars

I am going to open with this. "It was FABULOUS!" that is how one of my all-time favorite Drag Queen's would describe every act on stage. Which works out perfectly for this eclectic and amazing coming of age movie. That is not only brilliant it goes out of it's way to shine the light not only being Gay. But the times of fathers who push sports on their kids. Despite their kid's having a love for something else.

This give and take of these two principal stories takes a special kind of touch. That is not only spot on it is refreshing, engaging and so thoroughly entertaining. That I often felt I exactly what the actors felt. But it always did not work as there are scenes where the acting fails, the writing slips and the story falls off the tracks. It is just those are so short and spaced out that you just forgive them as passion plays.

Instead of falacies in the acting and script as each misstep ends up being a bigger part of the whole picture. Now I will admit this movie is not for everyone. Especially the overly religious "God Hates Fags!" Westboro Baptist Church ilk of the world. But For the rest of you out there that have family, friends or know someone who is Gay, Trans, Lesbian or just not sure what they are. This movie is a wonderful set piece to broach the subject.

As it takes those special feelings and puts them into a palatable and easily accessible medium. Where families and friends can talk openly about things. Which can not be said of many movies. But if I had to put this in a catagory of film. I would put this along side movies like "Stand by Me" and "The Breakfast Club". As movies that transcend typical popcorn films. As each broaches subjects of death, acceptance and life. Where each of the leads not only grow. They become bigger and better people by the end.

Which "The Curiosity of Chance" not only does it does it spades. As it keeps it simple, smart and often times down right hilarious. Which to me is wonderful and this movie is one of the best I have seen this year. So go on and give this film a chance. It will not disappoint.

My Rating: 4.25 out of 5 Stars

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