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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie Review # 151 5 Children & It (2004)

Release: 2004
Director: John Stephenson
Writer(s): David Solomons, E. Nesbit (Novel)
Cast: Tara Fitzgerald, Freddie Highmore, Alex Jennings

Rotten Tomatoes: 57% Critics Fresh 44% Audience Fresh
IMDb: 5.0/10
Netflix: 3.6 Stars

"5 Children and It" what can I say about it? It is magical, cute and entertaining. That is just a simple answer to a wonderful children's movie. That is part "Chronicles of Narnia" part "Three Wishes" and part children's creature feature. But all together lovely.

With Freddie Highmore leading the way. This movie steps over the boundaries of typical children's fare and into a more mainstream approach. Especially with voice talent of Eddie Izzard as "It" and Kenneth Branagh as the crazed uncle. That is not to say that this movie is perfect in any way. Because it is not. The movie drags in parts and is cliched in others. Which will turn away some younger viewers as the movie gets overly preachy and overly boring.

Which if you can look past it you will find a movie filled with magic. As long as you make a smart wish that is. Which honestly is the main story point of this film is that magic fades and will be forgotten. Which to this reviewer it won't be as I enjoyed this movie. Mainly because it is simple and enjoyable but not overly funny though.

So the positives are the acting, actors and special effects. Down side lack of originality, emotion and suspense of the moments that called for them. As a whole though this is a good straight forward children's film that most adults can find enjoyment out of if they still have a inner child. If not this movie will never work for you and you might want to find that inner child to enjoy. Before you view this movie.

My Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

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