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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movie Review # 149 200 M.P.H. (2011)

Release: 2011
Director: Cole S. McKay
Writer: Thunder Levin
Cast: Jaz Martin, Hennely Jimenez, AnnaMaria Demara

Rotten Tomatoes: No Rating as of yet. 38% want to see it. 
IMDb: 1.9/10 Stars
Netflix: 2.7 Stars

Stripping, cars, hot girls, and racing! Oh what can go wrong in this movie? Well how about everything as this movie falls into the traps that production company The Asylum has put in front of them. Which are shitty graphics, poor writing, no concept of racing, and nothing about cars. The ineptitude of this movie is not only mind blowing it is down right sickening.

As it is definitively riding on the coat tails of the Vin Diesel and Paul Walker power house. Fast and Furious 5.  Yet it is not set in the same world as their previous shitfest racer "Street Racer" which much like this one was also following the coat tails of Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Now for what makes this movie good? Well that was listed in the first line of this review. So if you want to just focus on that I would just go back and reread that line to your hearts content.

If not here is what makes this movie so freaking awful. We will start with the graphics in this movie which are overly abundant. As each race scene is done in cgi that looks so out of place and misplaced that you wonder if it is not pulled from a PS2 game back in early 2000's. Then to top it off they show close ups of the so called wrecked cars and they are also cgi. Talking about single handily destroying the believe ability of a movie there folks. Come on!

You show wrecks and have wrecks at least wreck the real car if you have it. Not just do a cgi shoot of one then say its the real thing. Now as bad as that is the acting is worse as the characters in the movie can not get out lines with out sounding as if they are reading from que cards. Then there is fact that they have problems with emoting emotions. It is as if they are fresh out of acting school and forgot to learn the basics. Instead of suspense we get moments that are so laughable that you groan in pain from them.

Then again part of that is the script. Which to be honest is the worst thing about this movie. As the writer has no concept of what makes a car go or what makes a racing movie a racing movie. With so much of this movie being a technical crapshoot of terms. You are left going who the hell wrote this!? Then if you know anything about cars you ask yourself if this guy was ever remotely near a car at all. As each passing line of crap about cars gets not only dumber but more and more insulting.

Now if you put all of this together and look at as a whole. It leaves you feeling as if you where mind raped for 90 minutes. Then if that is not enough you know that with the next Fast and Furious film due out in 2013 that we will again. Have to deal with another one of these movies. So if there is a bright side to all of this. It will be this I know at least one B-Film I will be reviewing in 2013 I just do not care to see it.

My Rating 0 out of 5 Stars

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